August 9, 2022

Tips to Improve Your Gut Health

Did you know that gut health contains both good and bad bacteria? Specifically, it has ‘microbiota’ that is crucial in maintaining your health and wellbeing and bad bacteria in the intestines that negatively impacts your body.

By improving your gut health, it can improve the bacteria that lives in your body and protect you against harmful diseases. Here are 3 top tips to help improve your gut health.

Eat a variety of foods

There are a variety of bacteria that live in your body with each having different roles in order to maintain your health and ensure nutrients in your body grow. When you have a range of microbes in your body, this is considered positive for it as it means it can protect your body against a variety of species and generally improve your health.

This is why it’s important to eat a range of foods, so you can adopt different microbiota. Be sure to have a balanced diet that has many different kinds of nutrients, minerals and vitamins so your body can develop a mixed range of microbiota.

Add whole foods to your diet

Eating fruit and vegetables as part of a balanced diet can help your body gain nutrients naturally. They tend to have high levels of fibre that although they aren’t directly absorbed in the body, they are absorbed by the bacteria in the body to help them to grow.

In particular, bifidobacteria is grown that can prevent inflammation in the gut and promote general health. You can find this particularly in foods such as blueberries and pistachios. These can be eaten on their own or you can also add them in salads which can be really useful when you’re looking to have it as a meal.

Prebiotic intake should be increased

Another tip for improving your gut health is increasing the amount of prebiotics that you have in your diet as it can promote a healthy gut and increase the production of good bacteria. These prebiotics tend to come from complex foods. These are foods that aren’t easily digested by the body, but they’re able to be absorbed by bacterias in the body that can fuel it longer.

They can also be found in health supplements such as vitamin c tablets in their purest forms when you’re unable to gain them through your natural diet.

Multivitamin tablets and vegan supplements are some options available to you to ensure you get the prebiotics that you need. They can be great for improving your gut health and protecting yourself against harmful diseases that can develop in the body.